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Beautiful ink by Pen and Feather

I grabbed a new twitterer this week and I'm delighted to say it was a beautifully talented one! Meet the work of Suzy Sharpe!
I'm a massive fan of pen and ink artwork and ever since my bestfriend and her husband purchased a crow as their first piece of taxidermy, I feel like I too have an affiliation with the bird, plus we are surrounded by Rooks on the southern plaines of London, so again, staring at these drawings reminds me of home. These stunning illustrations of crows and other birds were drawn by Suzy Sharpe, an artist based in Cornwall (UK) whose work includes painting, drawing, printmaking and installation.
In her work Suzy attempts to create a dialogue around the human and animal relationship against the backdrop of a society in which the distance between them seems ever increasing.
“​My Father was a butcher and I currently live on a smallholding in rural Cornwall where a variety of non human animals, including livestock, pets and wildlife punctuate my days and inspire my work...Using my work as a vehicle I explore, question and celebrate the relationships between humans, animals and the environment that we share.” - Words taken from
My family on my mothers side were all butchers, so another thing we have in common and I know I will certainly be purchasing a piece of her work for christmas this year, gorgeous, a little piece of the British Isles for my mantle!
Suzy’s work is available to buy in her Etsy shop and you can see more of what she is up to over on her Facebook page


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