Something For a Rainy Day

When life hands you a rainstorm, grab a handle!

I love the rain. I love the fresh air, the clean floors it brings, the clarity and clear skies and the walks , keeping one eye out for rainbows. But Isn't it annoying when you've been wandering around and being all healthy after a typical rainy day in England an there is nowhere to sit! -Not because there's no bench but because they're always drench and will take forever to dry out... well now Sung Woo Park has changed bench sitting for all of us -YAYE!

A simple idea with a wonderful 'smile in the mind, with just a turn of a handle, the seating can be rotated so it’s always dry to sit on. Unfortunately I think they are currently not in the UK, I can't see where they're actually bought or placed anywhere but I hope some urban designer for a UK council discover these and buys a truckload!
Sung woo park rolling bench


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