about me

Hello, I'm a branding and packaging designer I work within the Innovation industry and have been part of the Brand Design Industry for eight years. I'm also part of two East London Collectives, One craft and one dealing in events. As you can tell me nosey and curious nature have led me to expand my creative vocation far beyond branding into craft, music and anything generally creative!
When I'm not on the big corporate jobs I like to be able to help out those who are less fortunate with their budget.

I enjoy helping new businesses get started with the best tools available to them. I work with individual's specific needs and budget considerations, offering the best results and insights possible at a price they can afford.
I also have an illustration company called Illuminating Scrawl which you can look at on it's page here or at: http://www.wix.com/thehomeof/illuminatingscrawl

If you'd like to hear more about the business side of my work and would like to contact me about your project, please visit my website:

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My blog is about what's happening in my design world, other people's artistic worlds and general points of interest. I'm lucky enough to hang out with lots of creative people, from adventurers, creative crafty chefs to all sorts of different artists an musicians as well as event promoters, there is always heaps going on and lots to read about.
Weekly I'll be presenting you with my latest illustrations, things I've found and places you should visit. Unfortunately I can't show you my client work as its always secret but you can always contact me to hear more.