Dave Cornthwaite

I have a friend called Dave.

I met him at a New Years partY many years ago now. Well more to the point we didn't meet each other, we managed to comletely not see eachother in a lounge about 2 sq metres wide! Eventually we did bump into each other however and the conversation went a bit like this:
"What do you do?" 
"Nothing right now I've just come back from breaking the world record for the longest distance travelled by skateboard by travelling 5823km across Australia and I've just finished my book all about it!"

...naturally I thought these were the rampblings of a drunkard but no really Dave actually is a professional explorer and spends his life raising money for charity undertaking bizarre World Record Breaking tasks!

He's also a motivational speaker and is currently in Tanzania planning a whole new set of World record breakers.
In 2009 he walked and kayaked the length of the Murray River, in 2010 he and his new compadre Sebastien Terry, another task master, were the first to take a stand-up paddle board and well, paddle the length of Lake Geneva.
Later this year as part of one of Dave's projects (to travel the distance of the world's equator in 1000 mile stints using non motorised modes of transport. Phew! That was a mouthful!) Will be taking part in a joint-speaking tour with his good friend Sebastian in Las Vegas, USA.
Dave and Seb have booked flights to Vancouver, Canada, with the intention of riding a Tandem Bicycle 1350 miles in two weeks, reaching Las Vegas just in time for their talk.

Funds raised through this journey will be split between Dave's charity, The AV Foundation, and Seb's, Camp Quality.
Nice work Lads! Please follow their wonderful journey's on their websites, twitter and blogs!

Twitter: @DaveCorn


Rob Ryan

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Aww I love this guy, I met this guy! I was very star struck, he's so down to earth and heart felt. Just an honest bloke and artist. You could look at his work and wonder if he was all full of hot air and thistles but he just seems to like creating and seeing beauty in everyday life and relationships. He has a small team of young, budding artists who help him pain stakingly remove all the teeny tiny stars and hearts one at a time by hand in his East london studio, so naturally, they're pretty expensive. When his shop in Columbia Road did a one week only 'Black and White Special' I ran down there and grabbed me a teatowel... Now I can't decide whether he was really doing a unique version of his prints or whether he was just skint, but I love my teatowel and now it's all signed up and everything! - He asked where I was going to use it... Use it? Pah! - It's framed bud! Take a look at his other lovely things... as well as my tea towel!
my Tea Towel

Siobhan Watts
Bless The Weather
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Little Hands is the blogspot of Siobhan Watts. A very talented vegan chef living in London often found hanging out in the folk gig spaces, charity settlements and vegan cafes of East London. A wonderful photographer, baker, talented music promoter and astounding banjo player! Her blogs and tweets always make for interesting reads!!/Little_Hands_

Sly Photos
Sarah Young has been making beautiful images with her Diana for years now and she just keeps gettimg better. A bit of a rock chick, she's spent a lot of tim working as a stylist at London Fashion Week and various fashion magazines. Now currently working for the V&A Keep up to date with her whimsical, dark, intriguing Lomo images - No photoshop here peeps!

A Beautiful Mess
Aww I just love this blog... I feel shameful at my lame blogging skills and lack of home craft when I check this lil' lady out! -Elsie Flannigan, soon to be Larson but who actually prefers Cake (Don't we all hun) is a 28 year old designer who in her own words "goes crazy for bubble tea, falafel and little puppies." She has a beautiful creative eye and makes gorgeous things. She also owns Red Velvet, an independent boutique full of magical handmade and vintage things. Check out the blog, the shop and her, she's goorrrrgeous!