If you're ever in Kings Cross and need to kill 30 minutes in an afternoon or laze away for hours drinking tea, eating buns or for a little later on in the evening, drinking wine and cocktails and getting up to crafty mischief take a trip here.

Kristie and Coralie took an old Victorian bathhouse and opened a beautiful design shop and cafĂ© bar, selling products from emerging designers alongside vintage furniture and home wares. The atmosphere is friendly and fun and what's more everything is for sale! From designer crafts, vintage tea sets, 1950's dressers and unusual tables and chairs, to hand-made cakes, ice creams, specialty teas, kitsch finger sandwiches, bottled beers and cocktails.
They open for lunch, afternoon tea, afterwork cocktails and of course all things crafty. If you fancy a go they are mainly free and require no skills just smiles! -check their site for what've got on! -I did pumpkin craft!
They've also got a new trick their sleeve... A new late night venture in the former sex shop at 9 Caledonian Road...oooOOOooo!!!
They'll be creating for your pleasure all sorts of taste tingling, eye sparkling gems. On offer are speciality Cocktails,30 Boutique Gins & Infusions. 
Apparently there are big black disco ball’s & peep holes! DJ’s and Dancing and all kinds of mischief!

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Photo taken by Lu Burnell All Rights Reserved

When my folks first moved to West Sussex they were dying to take me to Lewes. There they would show me all the things my heart craves; Vintage Shops, Second-Hand Stalls, Farmers Markets, Boho Boutiques and Bills. As soon as I saw its bright exterior, fluffy coffees and stylish jar labelling and recipes, cascading from their shelves like bright jar-like waterfalls I knew I was in love...

Photo taken by Lu Burnell All Rights Reserved
Bills was founded in Lewes by Bill Collison in 2001. Previously he ran his own green grocers on the same site for 20 years. His dedication to fresh, daily delivered and often organic produce is one of the reasons why Bills is so successful -not just a cafe or restaurant but also as a local shop.

Photo taken by Lu Burnell All Rights Reserved

Ideally you want to get there early, it is a popular venue and new venues are sprouting up everywhere, including Brighton, Reading and Covent Garden -London which opens the latest at 11pm (All others close at 10pm apart from Lewes which shuts its doors at 5pm). You often share a farm table where they may be displaying seasonal gifts and the general style and atmosphere is relaxed, quirky, friendly and family orientated.

Their Breakfast lunch and dinner menus are all delicious and we've never experienced a bad meal and we've had quite a few! -Like I say it's a busy place and you will pretty much always have to wait to be seated, but the service is fast and attentive and while you wait you can look around the shop or pick up one of their shopping lists to choose products to take home with you.
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Photo taken by Lu Burnell All Rights Reserved
I bought the cutest pink bag of rice which I treasure looking at and cant wait to turn into a mini duffel bag when I'm finished consuming! and when I asked if I could purchase one of their ace Tees they just handed me one as a one-off special, nice thing as they're not for sale - But hands off! -Don't all try doing it or they'll take mine away!


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