She Wants to Bake you Happy

Tisha Cherry Plays with her food

A bit of Friday fun for you...
Feast your eyes upon the wonder of and wonders of Tisha Cherry's self labelled 'Art in the Eats'
Tisha Cherry is an artist that seems dedicated to having fun, living in a fanciful, playful world and taking us on the ride with her. I wish i could be as creative when I'm bored at the dinner table.

Cherry achieves awesome visual compositions by putting together pieces of food in a playful and impactful way, I'm pretty sure she has been used for ad campaigns and album covers but her profile's pretty sparse! She works in her spare time, based out of Jersey, Tisha is a nurse by day and culinary creative by night Instagram .

She's created some incredible things, like sculpted storm troopers from Oreo cookies or Coco Chanel from tobiko and leftover soy sauce.
Cherry started her #ArtInTheEats project as a pure hobby, often distracted by the endless artistic possibilities she'd see in her food and ingredients while cooking. -words from
Inspired by the (str)eats, a love for food and her boredom of the ordinary. Tisha Cherry’s adoration of food eventually turned into a serious culinary hobby. Her inspiration mostly comes from the ingredients on the plate: the colours, textures, and shapes. As well as the music she listens to while she works on her art and in her downtime. "t transforms food preparation into a more creative and magical experience. But really, puns motivate me the most…I just appreciate a really bad pun." -words taken from
The easiest way to see her is on instagram.


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