Time out with Tälja

Take a break the old school way

Ever dreamt of sitting on a porch on a warm summers night, whittling away the evening whilst chewing on straw, drinking whiskey and spitti' tobacco?!  Well now you can, with the stylishly packaged gift set from Tälja.
Tälja is swedish for woodcarving, the idea behind the kit is to reinforce the ideal of taking time out from the stress of everyday life, to sit back and relax. To help you be creative with your hands and if you've got the skills, even make something useful! -I have no idea if I'd be anygood, but at least there's plenty of wood in the park to practise with!
"The idea behind Tälja is that you need to take a pause. A pause from modern life. Calm down. Do something real. Create something with your hands. Something you can hold. Something you can smell. Maybe something you can use. It is "Creative meditation for human beings”. - Quote taken from thedieline.com
Okay so I know I keep referencing America, but its quite clear from the gorgeous pack that it's got its roots in Scandinavia, Sweden to be exact. This all-in-one package includes two pieces of wood — juniper and birch — as well as a classic Swedish woodcarving knife from Mora Kniv of Sweden, a knife case, two types of sandpaper for smoothing over the rough edges and achieving a soft finish, 5ml of paraffin oil to protect your masterpiece which will make your craft look and feel better and as well as live longer and advice on how to carve (instructions) and two stencils for what to carve – a classic swedish butter knife and a marmalade spoon! -cute!

A nice touch is their first aid kit, just incase you lob a limb off, they've given you a small plaster attached for a quick recovery!

The well designed box comes is handmade from cardboard box with colour stamped logo.
You can purchase them here from their lovely website whilst stocks last! -Quick they're going fast!!


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