Sky's the Limit for Laudromat Down Under

Entrepreneurs Patchett and Marchesi give the homeless a spruce up!
Two thoughtful and clever Aussie samaritans have created a brilliant way to help the homeless, By turning an old van into a mobile laundromat to give the homeless the opportunity to clean their clothes safely! Lucas Patchett and Nicholas Marchesi both only 20 years old, noticed that not enough was being done to help meet the homeless’ hygiene needs, so they come up with Australia’s first mobile laundry for the homeless. Now they spend 5 days a week doing just that in Brisbane, Australia.
“This is the first time Mick has been able to wash his clothes and blankets. Born in Brisbane and living on the streets Mick can’t afford to wash his clothes or transport them.“
Patchett and Marchesi the two creators of the Orange Sky Laundry project, started with just an old van, 2 donated washing machines and driers and a generator, allowing their van to process 20kg of laundry an hour.The project was launched in July and is now in its trial period, during which the van will operate 5 days a week in Brisbane. If the van is successful, the organisation might spread throughout Australia.
You can help them out by donating online – $6 will cover the cost of a cycle of washing for 1 person. For more info visit: | Facebook (h/t: huffingtonpost)


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